Once upon a time, I had this baby called “MORASS.” It’s a 6-page newsletter/magazine/publication (whatever you want to call it) in which I poured my heart and soul. Just kidding. It was mostly a belabouring of what today would be a Facebook status message or a tweet. I wrote about the pressing topics of the… Read More MORASS

Regaling Karl Marx

As my sister would remind me every year, today is the anniversary of the publication of a poem I wrote, “Regaling Karl Marx.” It’s memorable because I hadn’t published any other poem (or story, for that matter) since. Eight years later, I’m reviving my writing career. (Of course, I’m calling it a career.) Wish me… Read More Regaling Karl Marx


Yesterday, I submitted my poems to other publications. They’re not the regular unknowns (like my own MORASS a few years back) that would accept just anything to fill space. These are the ones that receive thousands of unsolicited contributions and discard more than they accept. I’m under no delusion that my work will be accepted… Read More Rejection