Christmas in Summer

It’s the 2nd of December, folks, and the start of (my least favourite) Aussie summer. Because this city refuses to conform to expectations, its weather decided to go the other route. On the first day of the month, there was rain. The prospect today is more rain. A lot of rain. The rain that merited this warning from the Victoria State Emergency Service:… Read More Christmas in Summer



Once upon a time, I had this baby called “MORASS.” It’s a 6-page newsletter/magazine/publication (whatever you want to call it) in which I poured my heart and soul. Just kidding. It was mostly a belabouring of what today would be a Facebook status message or a tweet. I wrote about the pressing topics of the… Read More MORASS

Regaling Karl Marx

As my sister would remind me every year, today is the anniversary of the publication of a poem I wrote, “Regaling Karl Marx.” It’s memorable because I hadn’t published any other poem (or story, for that matter) since. Eight years later, I’m reviving my writing career. (Of course, I’m calling it a career.) Wish me… Read More Regaling Karl Marx