Tita Mommy (Part 1)

She didn’t like people taking photos of her. She’d have hated the digital age, with its ease in capturing moments in high definition. I didn’t like photos much either because I was always the fat girl, but I didn’t hate getting photographed as much as Patty did. I never got to tell her but I have always thought her beautiful, with her silky hair and skin cared for by Kokuryu Dreaming Lotion.… Read More Tita Mommy (Part 1)


To those who dislike me, an announcement

I know that I’m insignificant but I also know that if I so much as slip, those who don’t like me (and even those who do) will have a field day gossiping about my blunders. Sometime in the next few months, you will hear things about me that will add to your feast. Eat up and be merry and while you’re at it, take care that the broomstick up your ass has not been dislodged because, let’s face it, you’re nothing without it.… Read More To those who dislike me, an announcement


I decided on the title of this post before I even knew what I was going to write about. The general mood in my family is gloomy. My youngest sister, Baby, is at the ICU, and when people ask me what she’s being cured of, it’s difficult to give a short reply. We’re all either… Read More Grateful