This rant was incited by a Facebook post I came across. It was written by someone whom I would never follow — the staunch supporter (SS) for whom the hero does nothing wrong, the one who will never entertain contrary opinions. The post is lengthy and by the second paragraph, it was obvious that the SS was telling us how he is much better than all of us and that he will always be better because he will never stoop to our level. I love how Filipino bloggers try to out-English each other, using the language not to express their ideas but to lift themselves up and put contradictory thoughts down. That is the problem of our times, that we’ve all become so obsessed with presentation that we set aside spontaneity. Our photographs are staged. Our ideas are a jigsaw puzzle of several plagiarised concepts. Our words are uttered to promote personal brands and not personal beliefs.

Many of us in the government service know the sad reality — the person with the best networking skills gets the job, regardless of what he can do. Still, there are those who temporarily forget and drown in the perceived power. But no, darling; it isn’t your “intellect” or “incorruptible nature” that landed you the position, despite the number of paragraphs you can whip up to extol your virtues.

That’s all I want to say. I should have stopped at the title and just referred to the Facebook post, but I felt like this post was missing a hashtag. #iwokeuplikethis


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