Reading about the US elections

The US elections. Wow.

It’s not of admiration. My opinion is that the American voters have failed themselves and their children, which isn’t all that unexpected, despite what media people may have you think. The voters have answered the question: Which transgressions would you be OK with? The answer is loud: Misogyny, racism, and bragging about celebrity are forgivable. (An American friend who hated Hillary Clinton seemed to think so.)

Or perhaps not. Maybe it’s the US voting system, not the voters, that have failed the Americans. According to this article, Mrs. Clinton is set to receive two million more popular votes than the one declared the winner. I read a little about electoral votes when Al Gore lost to George W. Bush. I don’t claim to know a lot about the system but I just found it odd that the candidate who got more popular votes would not win an election. I wrote at that time that in the US, the vote of each individual is not equal to everyone else’s. There was a reason this kind of system was set up, of course, but it might be time to evaluate the suitability of it.

This may also highlight the limited choice when voting in a two-party system. For example, it was my impression that Bernie Sanders had a huge following as well. That he had to bow out of the race after not being nominated by his party may have been a true letdown for his followers, when they did not like either of the candidates who got nominated. If he were in the Philippines, he could have just severed ties with the Democrats and joined another party so he could run for President.

So, here we go. The person who has made a mockery of himself and his family is set to have the biggest laugh for the next four years. If we were to believe the US’s self-declared bullshit of being the greatest nation on earth, all of us earthlings have to watch it.

And yet, has my Philippines done better just a few months prior? It depends on whom you ask, of course. There are the diehards for one side and the equally-diehards for the other side. One side would have everyone believe that the President could do nothing wrong. The other side would have everyone believe that everything the President does is wrong. With these diehards, there is no middle-ground. If I criticise the President, I would be labeled a “yellow-tard”; if I praise him, I would be a “Dutertard.” (Those were probably a [badly-done] mix of the the colour the former administration was known for or the President’s last name + the word “retard.” Neither lends itself well to sarcasm.)

The takeaway here is that things happen. And they will happen while the media predict that Hillary Clinton has a 90% chance of becoming the first female President of the United States. And then suddenly, you’re overjoyed that you do not belong to the greatest nation on earth (sic).


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