EINSTEIN’S DREAMS by Alan Lightman

The sixth book on my list is Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman.


Like a lot of the books on my list, I came across this one in a bargain rack. Originally priced at 599 pesos (approximately AU$ 17), I got it for 100 pesos (approximately $ 3). I like books with uneven edges, and my eyes would automatically gravitate toward the simplest looking book cover. It doesn’t hurt that it was in mint condition when I got it. A book like this could only be good bargain (I’ve written that before, haven’t I?) and I wasn’t going to let someone else get it.


What a great buy it was! Lightman’s words read like poetry, which says something not only about his writing style but also about the magic of the man whose dreams he is imagining. (This is a work of fiction, an imagining of what Einstein’s dreams might have been like when he was finishing his Special Theory of Relativity.) The author doesn’t try to upstage his protagonist and writes about him in the simplest of words. The simplicity brings out the talent of both men — the Writer and his Subject, combining in one of the most powerful reads of my life.

My reading life is perhaps a mirror of my everyday life. I bump into people and experiences I had no idea would make a huge impact in my life. There are good and bad encounters (although Buddhism would rather we not label them — I’m trying, I’m trying) but there are also ones that shake our world, chance encounters we never forget. The memory stays with us and we are forever changed by it.


Love to hear from you!

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