CARRIE by Stephen King

The fifth book on my list is Carrie by Stephen King.

Carrie Cover

Like many idealistic young people who thought that being poor was dramatic and dramatic was fun, I thought little of bestselling authors. To me, they were mostly untalented sellouts whose works contained a lot of concessions to popular demand, sex and violence for their own sake, for example.

Thanks to a good bargain (like most of my books), I came across Stephen King’s Carrie. I only know Mr. King from the movie adaptation of his works. I remembered Carrie as a lot of red, which grossed me out. (I may have been too young for that kind of movie, but forbidden was delicious. Still is.) The movie was enjoyable but hardly something that would have made me think that it was based on good literature. But I couldn’t pass up a good bargain, especially books — from 359 pesos (approximately AU$ 10) to 30 pesos (approximately 85 cents).

I kid you not.

Imagine my surprise at liking it. Not just liking the plot, but thinking very highly of Mr. King’s writing style. He made me care for the characters where the movie failed. It’s easy to be ignorant about his creative outputs and dismiss him as the Hollywood guy he certainly seems to be. But, basing it on Carrie and other written works I have since read, he’s a good writer first and foremost. That he’s Stephen King is a well-deserved recognition of his talent.

So lesson learned. Don’t judge a book by its movie.


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