Once upon a time, I had this baby called “MORASS.” It’s a 6-page newsletter/magazine/publication (whatever you want to call it) in which I poured my heart and soul. Just kidding. It was mostly a belabouring of what today would be a Facebook status message or a tweet. I wrote about the pressing topics of the times — the prospect of a naked Al Gore, Britney Spears and Madonna locking lips, what if I got breast implants. I also tried to con other writers into sending in their articles and allowing me to publish it for free. (Thankfully, some did just that. A belated thank-you to you lovely people.)

Although it had a few subscribers (mostly people who couldn’t say no to me), it failed to rock the world and eventually, I got preoccupied with other great endeavours (registering domain names for 99¢ a year, auditioning shoes to wear for the bar exam, singing nursery rhymes with who was then my only nephew, Grego) and, while my mind keeping constant chatter provided a lot of ideas for articles, I didn’t have much time to work on the layout and whatever else excuses sound credible for someone who just quit something.

Now, I’m considering reviving it, just so I won’t be known as The Quitter. This time, I’ll be The-Person-Who-Won’t-Give-Up-On-An-Old-Idea. Still an awful title, but with the time it will take you to finish it, I’ll have come up with something brilliant.

Old MORASS issues may be downloaded here.