Rockpoint Hotspring Resort Hotel & Spa

Rockpoint Hotspring Resort Hotel & Spa, Laguna (4/19/2013 – 4/21/2013)


So, my sister’s kids wanted to go back to Tagaytay Wingate Manor because of the kiddie pool, but I didn’t think so. It wasn’t memorable enough and if we wanted to be somewhere that remote, we shouldn’t have to pay so much. My sister said we should look for a hotspring place and Rockpoint in Pansol, Laguna was where we got to, mostly because there was a family room available.

Turned out that family room was really a dormitory. The toilet/bathroom was a room in which there were cubicles — two shower rooms and two toilets. The air-conditioners weren’t powerful enough for the big room. My youngest sister hated it because we were used to conditions more posh than this, right, Baby? Fortunately for me, there was an addition to the group and I booked an additional standard room, which, although not well-maintained — there was a dead mosquito in the bathtub! — qualified more as a hotel room. I stayed in this room and not in the dormitory.

There were three hotspring pools — two for adults and one for children…



2013-04-19 17.08.14(1)

…which are basic but probably the only things that made the trip worthwhile. Obviously, the kids wanted to go back here because of the warm pools, but I think that will only happen if they give us the rooms for free. (I don’t know if being in a lot of hotels has made me more discerning, or the rooms here just really suck.)

There is a small space they called a meditation garden…

2013-04-19 17.05.50

which wasn’t too bad but with the sounds coming from the nearby karaoke room, you’d have to be an advanced meditator to make full use of this space.

At 11 pm, I went to the spa to get a head (don’t stop reading here — I’m a girl), shoulders and back massage for which I paid a little less than 900 pesos, a thousand if you include the tip I gave the masseuse. Again, nothing extraordinary and the tip was only because the poor girl was still working at midnight. At that price, I’d have gotten a full-body massage and scrub (which I didn’t want) for two at my local spa.

Laguna is the place where the Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal, grew up. We visited a replica of his house and the place was overly taken care of that there wasn’t that homey, authentic feel that I remember when I first visited it with my father and brother. There were college kids waiting to take us on a tour and I knew they were really after the tips they would get. I think Rizal would be appalled at this.


2013-04-20 14.04.14

The mediocre place aside, I’m thrilled to have all these experiences to talk about and remember, especially since I also got these books during that trip:

2013-04-20 16.14.15

Simply, anywhere there’s a used-books store is paradise!


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