Tagaytay Wingate Manor

Tagaytay Wingate Manor, Tagaytay (1/5/2013 – 1/6/2013)

When my brother-in-law came home for Christmas, the family spent one weekend at this hotel. I chose it because it has a family room (there were nine of us) and offered breakfast and dinner, and a full-body massage for four (two for each room and we got two rooms) as part of the package.

It was some minutes’ drive away from the main thoroughfare and kind of remote, actually. My nephews and niece kept asking “Ilang minutes na lang?” (Literally, it means “How many more minutes to go?” but it’s probably the boredom equivalent of “Are we there yet?”) Truthfully, I was doubting this hotel choice when the grass got taller and denser and we haven’t found the place yet.

Finally, we did. The rooms were clean and basic. Nothing much to tell about it. In the afternoon, four of us went and got our massage. Again, it was forgettable. Not horrible but not something I’d remember either.

Dinner was shabu-shabu and in our country, we call the prohibited drug methamphetamine hydrochloride as “shabu.” Needless to say, we went in for our double dose of illegal drugs without any idea what we were getting into. And what we got into were healthy hot pots with lots of leaves that we had to prepare ourselves. We might have looked like idiots there waiting for people to serve us after they placed the ingredients on our table. The other guests seemed to know what we were doing and we felt like aliens in our own country. Did I actually think they would give us something to our liking? When my sister and brother-in-law left to go to the casino, I asked them to bring back a Big Mac for me.

Some weeks later, the kids would ask to go back to Tagaytay Wingate because they enjoyed swimming in the kiddie pool. But, uhm, I don’t think so.


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