Bayview Park Hotel, Manila

Bayview Park Hotel, Manila (4/26/2012 – 4/27/2012)


In late 2011, I decided I was going to become a judge. I had my eye on the vacant position in one court and many people were actually egging me on. Buoyed by this, I dragged my brother and friends to a two-week pre-judicature seminar in Manila.

I didn’t expect a pre-judicature to be as worthless in court practice as the theories I learned in law school but it was. The problem is that they are set up by people who have no idea what goes on in the lower court levels. What we got were the usual suspects — learn the law by heart and be prepared to pour it on paper at the end of two weeks. Did it matter that we can analyze laws? Nope. It only mattered that we memorized them.

This is a sort-of confession: I only suggested that we book rooms at Bayview because I like being in hotels. I told my friends it would be a good idea so that we could study before the test the following day. And those rooms were booked. (Damn, I’m good.)

Not having fully listened to the blabber, I passed the test, barely. But I got my hotel stay.

I’m happy to say that I did change my mind about becoming a judge and that I’m going to stay a lowly lawyer for a while.


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