Back to Bangkok (for food)

On November 4-9, 2012, Glenda and I were in Bangkok again, this time with new BFF Monette. Why we needed an excuse to jet off somewhere, I can’t say, but we found one: Reaching the World Summit organized by the Asia Pacific Writers & Translators and held at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. This time, we didn’t wait for a seat sale at the budget airline. We flew with Thai Airways and ate these on the way there:

2012-11-04 14.39.14

That was a relevant detail only because I was able to take a picture of it. Otherwise, it’s just normal airplane food, which we wouldn’t have eaten had we taken the budget airline. (The fare difference between the budget airline and Thai Airways was negligible so it was a total no-brainer.)

You already know how much I like Wendy House. (They’re nice there. It now serves buffet breakfast with different kinds of bread and my favorite, eggs. It’s near a BTS  station and MBK shopping center.) I checked Google Maps and saw that it wasn’t that far from Chula, and so we booked with Wendy. From the map, of course, it was hard to tell that the uni was like my college alma mater, even bigger perhaps, and that getting from one college to another required feet of steel or some baht for the cab ride. (No one suggested the tuktuk.) Thankfully, there were uni boys who helped us explain to the cab driver where we were going. They were helpful enough but I don’t think they explained well as the taxi driver took us around Chula and we ended up walking anyway. Eventually, we found the place.

2012-11-05 10.42.44

Later in the day, we went to the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre, which is a good walking distance from Wendy.

2012-11-05 17.46.18

2012-11-05 17.46.30
No idea what this one is.
2012-11-05 17.50.22
This one’s my favorite.

2012-11-05 17.52.11

There was poetry reading later and a cute Chula girl sat beside me and translated to me some Thai poems. Apparently, we were a bit noisy and the wiry-haired dude nearby was tut-tutting us and I was completely oblivious.

Dinner later that day was at Princess Pathumwan Hotel where the Mayor of Bangkok gave a hurried speech because he had to leave and preside over the World Cup of Futsal, which was being held in the city at that time. I know it’s queer that I only took a pic of the food, but that’s what I did.

2012-11-05 20.32.012012-11-05 20.31.232012-11-05 20.38.532012-11-05 20.45.112012-11-05 20.54.182012-11-05 21.01.232012-11-05 21.25.08

At the summit, we met my former creative writing teacher who beamed about the roast duck at MK. There is an MK at MBK and we lived close enough to walk to it.

2012-11-07 19.30.36

2012-11-07 19.39.20

Our trip was memorable because we ate so much there. Here’s our favorite Norwegian Salmon which we ate about three times at this small restaurant owned by a European-looking guy:

2012-11-08 20.28.03

Another food trip includes one to Cabbages and Condoms (which we also visited the first time). I’m so sad to note that there are less condoms there now and the place looks different.

2012-11-08 12.17.232012-11-08 12.16.212012-11-08 12.23.142012-11-08 12.24.412012-11-08 12.24.172012-11-08 12.24.22

And the familiar taste of Subway.

2012-11-08 18.20.342012-11-08 18.20.28

And since we’ve mostly talked about food anyway, here’s what we had on the flight home:

2012-11-09 15.52.32

There is another anecdote to this trip that I don’t have pictures of. Across the street from Wendy House, there is a tarpaulin advertising Thai massage. Glenda and Monette wanted to get one and they left to make an appointment. When they came back, they had me booked as well. After what seemed like torture to me, I decided not to tag along when they returned the next day. What I realized from this trip is that my friends are masochists and I can hit them one day and they’re still going to like it.

See you later, Bangkok! I had a really great time! Burp!

2012-11-09 12.46.11


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