That’s a lot of trips in a couple of days!

I was also blogging on this travel site called but although I like the graphic interface, I didn’t know how to manipulate the html code. Instead of learning the ins and outs, I just decided to concentrate on WordPress, and so, here I am!

That’s a lot of mental trips I’ve taken in a few days, and I must say that sometimes, I go over some details of my travel and I have to admit that my earlier recollection was faulty. That’s not to say that my accounts are not the truth, but that sometimes there are errors in the details. Like paying more than 5,000 pesos for our Bangkok trip when I barely shelled out 3,000.

I now turn to for a reminder of  the local places I’ve been to. I booked a night at Creekside Amorsolo at Legaspi Village, Makati City.


Creekside Amorsolo is on Amorsolo Street where the office building of the Office of the Solicitor General also is. My initial booking was for August 4-5, 2009. At that time, I sent an application and was scheduled for an exam on August 5th. That day, however, was declared a national holiday because Cory Aquino, former Philippine president, died a few days before and August 5th would be her funeral. I sent Agoda a message asking if it was possible to modify my reservation. They checked with the hotel and the date of my check-in was moved to August 5-6, 2009. (I love Agoda!)

The room was small and the bed was only a single bed. But overall, it was clean and presentable. Breakfast was included in the room rate but there were also restaurants along Amorsolo Street. I don’t remember what I ate for breakfast. Except for the fact that I walked the length of that street looking for a restaurant, my hotel stay itself was nothing extraordinary.

Now, the exam, let’s get to that. I was made to write a pleading, arguing for why the Philippines was entitled to a particular piece of territorial land. I don’t remember if it was the territory being contested against the claims of other sovereign states. But I remember the terms “latitude,” “longitude,” and “degree.” I wish I had paid more attention to my geography lessons, but I didn’t and it felt like I was looking at foreign characters while reading the materials they gave me.

Because I was set to check out at Creekside Amorsolo by noon and knowing that it was a futile effort getting anyone to be impressed with my pleading anyway, I rushed through about ten pages of nothingness, submitted it and darted away to the hotel. Needless to say, I didn’t get a call from the Solicitor General. I don’t think it’s my loss.


Love to hear from you!

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