I’m off to Bangkok! (4 years ago)

If I’m trying to rush through posting about my past travels, it’s because I want to recall as many details as possible. There will be lots of posts about them while I wait to make another trip.

My next trip to another country didn’t take long. On Christmas day 2008, an even better seat sale was up at the budget airline. In fact, my memory failed me again and I thought I paid more than 5,000 pesos (approximately USD 120). That was still mind-blowing for round-trip international air travel for two persons. But I checked my email and this was what I really paid for:

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 11.27.44 AM

If 5,000 pesos was mind-blowing, what would PHP 2,882 (approximately USD 70) be? I’m still shocked inside.

Bangkok was uneventful as far as bloopers were concerned. If our previous trip to Hong Kong was filled with them, it was the exact opposite with this one. Bangkok was a cleaner version of Manila with people who look a lot like Filipinos. (I think many Thais look more Filipino than I do.) People complaining about the traffic in Bangkok are obviously not aware of the traffic in Manila because if they are, Bangkok would seem like a road heaven to them.

Things are also a lot cheaper in Bangkok than they are in Hong Kong and my friend and I went on a Thai food trip, visiting the dessert place Crepes & Co and the restaurant Cabbages and Condoms. I’m happy to say that I enjoyed Thai food and got to take home packets of condoms as well.

There was also this dinner cruise we took along the Chao Phraya river. The downside of this is that we chubby girls were forced to take a picture beside the costumed skinny girls (or were they ladyboys?) before boarding the ship. But we later ate the frustration away. The buffet was marvelous and we ate it along with many lovers who went on the cruise with us. (It was almost Valentine’s day and the limousine driver probably mistook Glenda and me for lesbian lovers.)

One other thing worthy of mention is the guesthouse we stayed in, Wendy House. An online friend told me about it and I’m forever grateful to him for it. It felt like home in there and I’m truly in love with the Thai people I met. Their smiles made up for the difficulty in communicating and it’s hard to feel anger at the frustrating state of my lack of knowledge of the Thai language. (Forgive me, Bangkok.) At the time we stayed at Wendy, there wasn’t a buffet breakfast but it was still filling and yummy and left us with a good impression of how Thais eat. Wendy House has my 100% seal of approval.

No, the pictures of this trip were not at the dearly departed multiply.com. They got deleted from the digital camera before I could post them (which was a blessing in disguise because I hated how I looked). There was this printed one of me and the skinny person that I paid 200 baht for. I might post it one day, but today is not that day.


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