I’ve had this blog on a travel blog site for three years now and I haven’t really put anything on it. Sure, there have been travels, but I needed to go to my account to remember where I’ve been and that is sort of pitiful for someone claiming to be a travel bug of a writer.

Still, the fact that I have just recently claimed some rewards from that site means I have been to places and it’s now time to tell the Internet about those places I’ve been to. I just turned forty and if what they say is true, I’ve just been born. What better way is there to celebrate than cruise through my past life, enjoy the present and prepare for the wonderful future.

While I wait to go on yet another physical journey, I will, in the next few blog entries, go on a mental journey reminiscing about past travels. Because memory is what it is (and the fact that I signed up with around that time), I can only really list places I’ve visited since 2007.

So, let the cruisin’ begin.



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