Booking my first hotel room


This must have been in early 2008 when I booked a room at the Prince Plaza Hotel II in Makati City. My friend Glenda picked up the MacBook Pro she bought at Senco and she and I stayed the night in the hotel while her husband and sons went back home. We met with my high school friend Avon and her then-boyfriend at a bar in Jupiter Street. I must say, I like the ambience of bars, but I can’t really get over the fact that you have to practically yell if you want to be heard and understood. I guess if I were cozying up to a potential romantic recruit, it would be an excuse to get closer. But talking to someone else’s foreign boyfriend was a bit too much. There was danger in appearing either that I was ignoring him or I was flirting with him. Avon and I are still friends, and that guy didn’t hate me right after, so I must have done a good job being in the middle of those two extremes.

Anyway, about the hotel. I was mostly impressed by the fact that our room was upgraded from the cheapest one I booked (most likely a standard) to a more expensive one (probably a deluxe). It was my first time booking a hotel and my neophyte eyes were impressed by the relatively cheap price I had to pay for a nice room that was strategically located at the heart of the country’s business district.

Because I was stupid enough not to have exported my blog from (it had said sayonara cyberworld), all the pictures of that adventure are gone. I’m trying to look for a picture that someone posted on the internet that’s similar to the room we got, but I can’t find one. I remember that it was a small room with the bed placed on one corner to make it seem like it was a different room. There were mirrors on the wall, so the room appeared bigger than it really was. Perhaps, they have modified their rooms. Parts of it were under construction at the time we were there.

After breakfast the next day, we checked out and spent some time at the secondhand bookshop in the nearby mall before finally going home.




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