hey hey hey

no, i’m not working on my new (old) ibook clamshell. i’m on the pc desktop, but I do bring my baby Ben (that’s his name) to work almost every day. never mind that it’s heavy. it’s still the most beautiful thing i’ve owned. imagine if apple were to make something as pretty, lighter, and packed with more power. then this will truly be heaven on earth hahaha!

because i was made to believe that macs and moleskine notebooks go together, the day i got the clamshell, i also headed off to powerbooks to purchase a – gasp! – 1600-peso moleskine. that’s my second baby Nina, the moleskine. (if you were to go by the “real” pronunciation of moleskine, you’d find that it rhymes, sorta, with Nina.) anyway, still money well spent because i had soooo much fun with my high school friend.

and speaking of that lovely lady, she and i are both passionate about “The Secret”. she introduced me to it, actually. a year ago i’d have sneered at the concept (as most disbelievers have) but when i watched the dvd, i’m reminded of what i’ve been telling myself all along, but not completely going with. the fact that the people in the film stated them in their own words affirmed some observations/realizations in the past. and here’s something to ponder on: even if the people from “The Secret” didn’t say it, what’s wrong with thinking positively and believing in your own goodness? you don’t even have to refer to the Law of Attraction. just ask for what you want, believe you will get it and be open about receiving it.

in any case, it has helped me be aware of things i want to be thankful for every day. it has made me feel more confident about myself. i used to fake confidence a lot, and now, i’m coming to a place where it’s more genuine and heartfelt. while i still want things, i am not postponing living until i get what i want. the things that will make me happy are right here right now. whatever comes along is a new blessing.

yesterday, one of my wishes was dealt with a great blow. and i felt like my wish having been anchored on the wish of another person, that is bound to happen. i was very sad for a few minutes but quickly picked myself up and felt genuinely happy. i’m good as i am now. that doesn’t make me better than anyone else, but that makes me pretty damn good. i have family and friends who care about me. i have what i need. there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. and so, here i am, being what i have always been.

i did promise pics of my new ibook clamshell but some parts of the house are being repaired and it’s been messy for a while. but it looks exactly like the pics i posted earlier courtesy of the former owner.


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