1. i’m healthy.

2. i have this beautiful desktop computer.

3. i have my family. i’m very lucky to have them.

4. i have a good house.

5. i have stuff, clothes, some cash, food. and if i don’t, i have family and friends who will help me out through the dearth.

6. i’m intelligent. i was able to go to school. the two (being intelligent and going to school) are not in the same league but i’m lucky to have both.

7. i have all my limbs intact.

8. i have a beautiful niece and a handsome nephew i’m so in love with.

9. i’m in love.

10. i have nice set of teeth.

and oh yeah…

11. i’m going to have 2 great ibooks — a tangerine and an indigo! woo-hoo!!!


2 thoughts on “gratitude.

  1. Hey Cristina! Thanks for the comment and sharing your article with me. I completely agree. If we look positively at things, we’ll find that either we already have them or they are coming our way.

    I have a lot more to be thankful for. More gratitude entries in the days to come, especially when I’m not feeling too good.

    Keep the positive thoughts coming!

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