in transit.

in one bored moment, i signed up to receive a reading from an online psychic. she sent me an email writing up some vague lines about my personality (sometimes really true) and what i may expect to happen to me in the days to come. she said that i’m to enter a part of my life where i’m to experience something earth-moving (my term). she said i’d be “in transit”. note that it’s vague, though. how to undo the vagueness? pay some $65 dollars so she’d tell me the details to this “transit”.  obviously, i ignored her emails. i only signed up for it because it was free. i deliberately googled “FREE”. what part of “FREE” isn’t clear to Jenna, the psychic?

earlier, i received a seemingly last-ditch effort from her. apparently my “transit” has begun. i don’t doubt that every moment of my life, i’m entering some new phase, but that doesn’t mean i should pay some quack to tell me what will happen, what i should do, etc. if it were intended to be this way, we’d have only the present. the future is unknown because it is intended to be unknown. last i heard, stores have run out of crystal balls. i’m still wait listed.

i must say though: the heads-on vague assertions about me got me curious and i almost daydreamed i was paying her $65.

tomorrow, another transit begins. in 7 hours, i’ll know if i’m destined to be the owner of a G3 ibook. not a clamshell yet and i’m still thinking about whether i should still bid for a clamshell one that’s really, really low-end but pretty, and that’s ending in a little more than an hour. (i’m under the delusion that an apple laptop will make me the writer that i’m destined to be. wait a minute! I AM A WRITER ALREADY. i’ve published a poem and that’s more than other “writers” can say for themselves. ahem!)

see you in a bit for the update on the ibook!


2 thoughts on “in transit.

  1. Thanks for writing about your experience. I’ve never paid for an on-line psychic, but always wondered about it!

    I know exactly who you mean, “Jenna,” because I’ve seen her on-line ads, too.

    Let us know if you feel you got what you paid for.

    Best regards,
    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

  2. Nope, I did not pay, although I really considered doing so. In the end, I just decided to wing it with life, as I always do.

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