jeez, i’ve been bidding left and right on (relatively cheap) ibooks (clamshells and snow G3 models) on ebay and up to now, i haven’t won one. one ibook tangerine clamshell had me on top 10 hours before the end of the auction. the end time was 10 am today and i was in the office where there wasn’t any internet connection. when i came home after work, i checked my ebay and guess what!?!? I’ve been OUTBID!!!

right now, i’m looking at more ibooks and checking out those that seem reasonably priced (no major defects, power adapter included, battery holds charge). i’ve bid on 2 white ones and i’m one top of one that’s going to end in some 7 hours. that’s 6 am my time so i plan on getting up before that so i can check my bids and bid more if needed and within what’s reasonable (everything’s relative up to a point).

so, see you and wish me luck!


Love to hear from you!

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