women who don’t drink 8 glasses of water a day.

my first post about the project. you should know i’ve also been working on a novel called “The Axis Archives” and a short story called “Call Me Princess”, both of which I haven’t completely abandoned. i won’t talk about them now.

i bought a book called A Novel in a Year by Louise Doughty. it’s not as i expected, although it’s hard to tell at this point whether that unexpectedness is good or bad. i expected tips; i got mostly anecdotes. but there are exercises and the first exercise asks the reader to complete this sentence: ” The day after my eighth birthday, my father told me…” I honestly don’t remember anything my father told me, save for the long letter he mailed (!) to me when i wasn’t doing too well in college. while that is part of the topic today, i’ll save the tearful details for later. this beginning words made me remember how different the men in the lives of my 2 friends and me are. our fathers seem different. their husbands seem different. the men i get attracted to are different from their husbands. it seems like a worthy topic to pursue. a short story talking about fathers may be the starting point of my novel.

by Louise Doughty

i’m calling it “Men Who Don’t” and it will be set long before we got to know each other. our paths should have already crossed at that time, a prelude to future friendship, but none of us knew it then. my starting point would be the trial of the person accused of killing the father of one of us. at this point, i’d have described woman #1 and her mother, someone she doesn’t want to be like. i’d have described her relationship with her father. good, then bad, then getting to be good again. it never got completely good because he was shot dead. she would be the main character in this story. woman #2 and woman #3 will be mentioned. i don’t know how yet.

my project for tomorrow is to freewrite about woman #1 and her father.

the day after tomorrow, i should write a plot for this short story.

i may have to talk to friend about her father but i won’t tell her i’m planning to write a story.


Love to hear from you!

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