hello. hello.

currently trying to overhaul everything about me. no, wait. that’s not productive. i shd say i’m trying to be a better version of me. sounds better, not so psycho.

i’m the girl with the new desktop pc and i’m still looking out for a good bargain on an old ibook clamshell (fully functional) because it looks sooooo damned good. i’m buying a macbook pro near the end of the year (i told you that already) but fashionably (really depends on how you look at it), the speedy new apple notebook has nothing on the obsolete one. anyway, i’m still deciding on whether shelling out whatever amount is worth it in the face of faster cpu’s. maybe, if i wouldn’t be buying a laptop later on. isn’t that why i decided to buy a pc desktop instead of a pc notebook in the first place?

so, writing-wise. i’m toying with the idea of writing a series of short-stories that together will make a novel. the working title is “women who don’t drink 8 glasses of water a day”. if you google it and something exactly like it comes up, it may be because i’ve created a livejournal and/or blogspot and/or wordpress with that title. i wasn’t able to update any of those blogs anyway.

the stories will be about women, 3 of them in particular, and loosely based on experiences and observations. about some things that may (or may not) be uniquely female — health, family, children, lovers/husbands/other males, friendship, beauty, education, altruism, religion. i’m writing a portion called “the mystery of the odd number” which pertains to the friendship aspect of the female life. bonding, similarities/differences, jealousy. the odd number refers to the 3 main characters getting together at school. what happened and why did they gravitate towards each other when they are clearly of different temperaments?

my next post then may (or may not) contain something related to “the mystery of the odd number”.


Love to hear from you!

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