Writing forums.

When you write for yourself, you get lulled by the sonorous yet perhaps-superfluous words that you’ve woven. You can daydream yourself into the top of the New York Times Best-seller List without having created anything worth publishing. You may end up the most prolific creature in an imagined world. And you will never get any closer to becoming a writer.

Earlier, I signed up for two writing forums. I’d still be queasy about opening myself up to rejection, but c’est la vie. After all, what kind of writer doesn’t get rejected? That’s probably why I’m not a very prolific writer. That fear.

Anyway, I signed up with Critique Circle and Urbis. Thus far, I am navigating both sites and finding myself lost in them. I’ll make my comments when I’ve had more time to see what these sites offer. Meanwhile, I gotta get back to writing. Badly!


Love to hear from you!

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