New day

I don’t know what I’m saying obviously, but this is a new day. And having said that, I’m off to the real world. (That is, after I finish reading about Billy Drago whose face is just so remarkable. Except that, whenever I see him on films, his character is always a minor modification of his Charmed character, Barbas. Which means, mostly the same facial expressions. But I guess if that’s what you do best, that’s what you do best.)

And what do you know? I’m led to his son Darren E. Burrows, who looks so strikingly like him. And I’m sure that if I read on, I’ll be made curious about some other things. There’s nothing like the Internet to distract someone from pushing through with her resolve to be a more disciplined writer.

And oh gosh, no!!! That’s why his name is familiar! Darren E. Burrows played Ed Chigliak in Northern Exposure. I loved Northern Exposure!!! (Mostly because of John Corbett who was not hot in Sex and the City. But maybe that’s because the writers have always been partial to Big, who must never be overshadowed.) That’s why Billy Drago’s face looked familiar when I saw him in Charmed. It’s because I’ve already seen his spitting image of a son once upon a time.

Talk about distraction! What fun!


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