A Love Letter to the Universe

Heartbreak is a strange occurrence. In the past, I was always the victim, the only person who could be feeling hurt. The other person would be gallivanting around town, all traces of me erased from his memories. Who knew that my emotions could be transformed such that the other person becomes human, too, despite the narrative being that he owned up to making a mistake? … Read More A Love Letter to the Universe


Tita Mommy (Part 1)

She didn’t like people taking photos of her. She’d have hated the digital age, with its ease in capturing moments in high definition. I didn’t like photos much either because I was always the fat girl, but I didn’t hate getting photographed as much as Patty did. I never got to tell her but I have always thought her beautiful, with her silky hair and skin cared for by Kokuryu Dreaming Lotion.… Read More Tita Mommy (Part 1)